Committed to developing and sustaining a culture of research across different levels of governance, the Department of Education (DepEd) Regional Office X continuously strives to attain one of its Quality Objectives to “provide research-driven interventions on the curricular and non-curricular programs that are responsive to the needs of the local and global communities.”

Hence, BIDLISIW was conceptualized to provide a portal to a collection of research studies from the Regional Office (RO), Schools Division Offices (SDOs), and schools.

A Cebuano term that means “sunlight,” BIDLISIW symbolizes a sense of hope in finding answers to countless everyday questions particularly about effective teaching and learning in these changing times. It celebrates the production, dissemination, and utilization of new knowledge as significant contributions not only to the fulfillment of the organization’s research objectives, but also to the enrichment of the greater body of knowledge.

BIDLISIW’s research staff recognize the indispensable need to direct all efforts toward improving learners’ achievement. To achieve this goal, teachers and support staff need constant nourishment not only in their teaching and learning support capabilities but also in their research competencies. With these clear goal and strong research orientation, the teachers and support staff are in a stable position to live by research innovation as a way of life.

BIDLISIW, therefore, is a celebration of a good harvest of research initiatives and undertakings along different areas of interests, such as teaching and learning, child protection, human resource development, governance, and continuous improvement, among others.

As depicted in the banner logo, BIDLISIW is full of hope and shines through in producing research outputs that penetrate the grassroots as meaningful sources of baseline information toward a sunray of research interventions for lifelong learning.